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The Monsoon Ventilator

Manufactured right here in Verona,PA..Our Patented Ventilator Boasts the only Ventilator with double pane glass and bubble seal that deflects water and dirt out and away from protected inside swival screen..Click here to see a comparison what the competitors try to give you.


The Only Glass Block window that can be COMPLETELY installed from the inside OR Outside. Perfect for New construction or replacement .No Ladders needed for high installations.Comes Brick mold ready or Siding ready  J channel.

             Clear Bond Technology

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Beautiful Bright Light while stopping Water, Sound, Burgulars in their Tracks!

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30% Brighter  30% Stronger 100% More beautiful than Mortar

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This Months Featured Jobs --Glass Block Walk-In Doorless Shower  Murrysville,PA

Basement Windows

Replacement and New Construction Designs

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DIY Clear Joint

Shower Walls


Ask us about pre assembling your bar kit and ship it to you for an easy quick installation.




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Bars /Reception/Counters

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 McKees Rocks,PA

Wave and Ice Pattern Mixed

March 2021 New York Parks and Recreation Crotona Towers Lighted Lantern Caps 1100 Pieces 6x6 Clear View 3 Ton Stainless Structure to be delivered to New York and hoisted 80 ft in air.Built Here in Pittsburgh!

Perrysville Job

We manufacture your windows right here in Verona Pa to your specifications. You chose the pattern or mix sizes and shapes if you like.