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Glass Block/Foundation  Ventilators and Exhuasts

US Patent

6506112 B1

16x8 shown actual size 15 1/2" x  7 1/2" ( takes the place 1 Concrete block)

Install this way for crawl space

120 VOLT Plug In Dual POWER  Fan   

16x8 shown actual size 15 1/2" x  7 1/2"( takes the place of 1 Concrete block)

or 2 Glass Block $139.00

Dryer Exhuast Block

Monroeville Glass Blocks Clear Bond with Monsoon Awning


Made with our own propriotary structual silicone boasting a 625lb  psi bond.Unlike mortar, Monroeville Glass Blocks Clear bond structual adheasive has anti fungiside to stop mold in its tracks-UV inhibitar to stay bright and clear(non yellowing) forever-Rust inhibiters to protect your steel plates. Flexes with expansion and contraction of house to avoid cracking blocks. 30% Brighter 30% Stronger 100% more beautiful

Competitors window &

              Just after a few short months the competitors cheap pull in ventilator already has filthy dirt and debris trapped on and in between the outer screen and door with no way to  clean it. Not to mention the fact a good rain can penetrate right into the house along with the many rusting screws.Dont let this be you! EEWW

Many Ventilator

Sizes Available

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